Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mixing It Up

Mixing It Up!

Art Exhibit at the SPACE - a centre for creativity

Featured Artist Reception
September 12
6-10 pm FREE
Join us as we celebrate the art of Samah Fahmy and Christina Yocca.
Gather your friends and
family for a night of art,
entertainment, relaxation and laughter.
Friday, September 12
6-10m l FREE
With Live Music by Greg Herriges beginning at 7pmChristina YoccaSamah Fahmy
The SPACE a centre for creativity
156 High Street | New Richmond

The SPACE a centre for creativity
156 High Street l New Richmond, WI
Directions: In New Richmond, follow Highway 65 to RR
station, turn west on High Street, go 1 block, turn left and
follow the signs to The SPACE.

This is from the post card for my exhibit in New Richmond. I can't figure out how to put the whole postcard on the blog. So please click on the link for images.

Samah and I set up today. Samah's images are etchings with abstracted imagery. Most are monochrome with interesting textures. The two sets of work combine very well with textural interest and limited palettes.

I decided to title my exhibit: Presence and Absence. While debating names, (boy, I am not good at coming up with names) I made lists of opposites. Most of my pieces in the exhibit are vessels with an inside and outside. I contrast the colors and textures of the two sides, so I wanted some paradoxical title. I also wanted to evoke the importance of the volume or air or void inside of each vessel. But nothing from the list I compiled struck me as right. I put the list aside and drove to the clinic to pick up a new pair of contact lenses. On the way, I listened to an interview with Wynton Marsalis on National Public Radio. A listener called and told his tale of being shot down by a famous musician when he tried to show off his guitar playing. He played many notes very fast in hopes of impressing. Wynton replied that art is both presence and absence. Absence helps to create emotional texture. I ran through the parking lot just as a downpour started and repeated the words over and over, knowing I had the title.