Sunday, December 03, 2006

German Feltmakers

Silkroad"220cm x 100cm x 40cm by Lizzy Mayrl
I was very impressed by the work of Lizzy Mayrl on this site of German feltmakers. Her work is very elemental and moving. I found a series of rock forms made of felt and installations both outdoors and in.

Twinrocker Handmade Paper

I many of get my fibers from Twinrocker Handmade Papers. I use raw hemp, raw flax, straw, combed flax and ramie tops. Check out the Twinrocker site for books on papermaking, cool handmade papers, and other products.


Prairie Wing

This is the first piece I created after the EcoNest Workshop. My way of building was greatly influenced by the workshop experience. For previous pieces, I made plaster molds that fit the branch forms. Then I pressed the fiber/clay mixture over the mold. For this pod shaped piece, I worked more directly. I lashed the willow into a simple outline of the outside shape. Then I formed a temporary skin with wire screen attached to the willow. I applied the fiber/clay mixture directly to the temporary form and the branches. When dry, I removed the screen. I was very excited by the directness of this method. The surface is enhanced with clay plaster containing small bits of chopped straw on the outside and long strands of ramie fibers on the inside. The chopped straw yields golden glints on the outside surface while the ramie creates a soft, smooth inner surface.