Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Studio Routines

Lately I developed a routine of staying up late to work. I listen to a local Wisconsin Public Radio station and Chapter a Day airs at 11 p.m. I work while listening to the latest chapter, and then I clean up. If I am working well and not at a good stopping point, I stay up and listen to The World News with the BBC. The latest edition of Eric Maisel's Creativity Newsletter reminds me of one of Eric’s themes for a productive creative practice – getting up early and working on your creative practice while you are fresh, before work or other daily events tire you out. Eric’s article deals with the issue of helping aging parents while making time for your creative practice. He does address the night owls of the creative world. And he advises that if you are getting good creative work done late at night to not “change a thing”. This late night schedule worked for me last week. However, by Friday I needed a night of totally down “veggie” time and slept late Saturday morning.